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About Korean Martial Arts Academy and Taekwondo

Korean Martial Arts Academy

A family-owned academy, that fosters traditional methods and care in teaching Taekwondo to students ranging from the ages of 4 – 60+ and of all nationalities. Under the leadership of Master “Jet” Lee, a family man himself; our hand-picked instructors believe in the same family values and dedication to achieving high standards in the sport.

Since the 2000 Olympics in Sydney Australia, when Taekwondo entered as an Olympic sport, is has become the most popular and widely practiced martial art in the world. This is of little wonder, given of course the many and great benefits for both physical fitness and flexibility as well as inner strengths of discipline, self-confidence, positive attitude and respect.

One of the many appealing aspects is the enduring nature of the sport—how participants can enjoy and gain benefits throughout their lives. It is a sport that all ages enjoy.

Our instructors are proven athletes reaching impressive standards in Taekwondo; but more importantly as teachers in their field, will work hard to help their students achieve their own goals.

KMA is affiliated with WTF World Taekwondo Federation and governed by the Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters). KMA also teaches the traditional martial arts of Hapkido and Gumdo, and the modern art of Taekwonkumdo. With clubs in Sunnybank, Brisbane (HQ) and also Brisbane Southside at Holland Park (Central), we provide the optimal Taekwondo Academy for the South Side of Brisbane.

I only wish I had started earlier in life. Commencing Taekwondo in my later years, has been brilliant for my physical health and flexibility. The class atmosphere is both challenging and inspiring. Many thanks to Jet—a wonderful teacher; as are the other instructors I have had the pleasure to train with.